Hot Wing Challenge Winner! – Best Wings In San Diego 2013 – Canyon Sports Pub & Grill

Slider1b found the best hot wings in San Diego and you may be surprised at who was in the running. We were pleasantly surprised. In fact, this challenge reminded us of what us San Diegans seem to forget at times: Our city is the bomb and we have some great home-grown. Home grown is what makes a city great. Only the locals know the unique qualities. Only the locals know where the sun shines brightest and where to find the best soil. So if the locals make a community a family, this may sound cheesy, but then it all starts with the Mom and Pop’s.

Check out (Below) presenting the Man Food Certified award to the winner of the Hot Wing Challenge

So what was so special about the Canyon Club? Let’s first start with the score cards

(Or check out


Simply put, they lead substantially in every category except “Overall Experience” – which is really just a tie breaker anyway. It’s really about the flavor, texture and the heat, which stood head and shoulders above the rest. Check out

On behalf of Manfood, Men and all of Mankind we Congratulate  the Canyon Sports Pub and Grill for having the Best Hot Wings in San Diego!


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